Pablo Fare, Monuments. 2005.

Institute of Critical Zoologists
ANDRÉ KERTÉSZ, Corner Building, Tree Branches. 1963.

Midnight in Paris

Lunch in Bezier and the night sky in crumbs

Olive Pruning in Ornac, France

'Every interior is a set of anachronisms, a museum, with the lingering residues of decorative styles that any inhabited space collects. Banal or beautiful, exquisite or sordid each says a lot about its owner and something about humanity in general. They can be dreary or touching, on occasion inspiring; all tell a story and the narrative can be enthralling; some even provide a little lesson in art appreciation.' Richard Hamilton
ANDRÉ KERTÉSZ, Martinique. 1972.
Gerhard Richter, Mondlandschaft II. 1968.

Justine Melford Colegate, 194; Peckham Rye Common. 2011.

Justine Melford Colegate, Open House, BT Tower. 2011.

Gerhard Richter, ELBE. 1957.

Megan Gould, Workspaces. 2010-11.

Boris Mikhailov, Red Series. 1968-1975.

Megan Gould, Blackboards. 2010.

Gerhard Richter, Cloud. 1970.
Gerhard Richter, Detail (Red-blue) 1970.
Gerhard Richter, Study for Clouds (Green-blue) 1970.

Gerhard Richter
Seascape II (Sea-Sea). 1970
Seascape (Sea-Sea). 1970

Natasha Phillips, Musée d'Art Moderne, Paris. 2011.
Gabriel Orozco, Working Table (Desert samples).2010.
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Chez Mondrian

Flowers for Elizabeth, No 24. July 6, 1976.
Paris Breakfast No 30. Jan 3, 1982.

Paris, Natasha Phillips. 2011.

Saigon Zoo, Vietnam. 2010.